Canada Long Weekend 2024: List of Long Weekend in 2024, All We Know

If you’re curious about Canada’s long weekends in 2024 and want to plan ahead, keep reading! We’ve got the list of long weekends and all the details you need.

Canada Long Weekend 2024

As we look ahead to 2024, many people are already curious about Canada’s long weekends for that year. More and more folks are starting to plan for those extended breaks as 2024 approaches..

Long weekends give us valuable breaks from our daily routines, allowing us to relax and bond with our loved ones. With numerous holidays falling on or near weekends in 2024, we can expect plenty of extended weekends.

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If you’re looking forward to spending quality time with family or exploring new places, it’s a great idea to plan ahead. Check out this post to find out all the long weekends in Canada for 2024 and start making your plans now!

Will I have a Long Weekend in Canada in 2024?

Absolutely! In Canada, get ready for plenty of long weekends next year! There will be at least ten extended weekends across the country, though it can vary by region.

A “long weekend” means a holiday lasting three days or more, often tied to statutory holidays. These breaks give Canadians great chances to relax, reconnect with loved ones, and explore the diverse sights of their country.

We’ve listed all the Canadian holidays falling on long weekends in 2024 to help you plan your travels. It’s the perfect time to plan a leisurely vacation or a quick getaway with friends and family!

Canada Long Weekend Overview 2024

Article TitleCanada Long Weekend 2024
Decided ByFederal and Provincial Government
Total No. of Long weekends11
1st Long weekendNew Years
Last Long weekendChristmas
Read AheadHere

List of Long Weekend in 2024

Below, we list all the long weekends in Canada, but keep in mind this is a general overview. Different provinces across Canada have their own holidays, so long weekends can vary depending on where you live.

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1December 30 – January 2ndNew Year’s and Day after new years
2February 17 – February 19Family Day
3March 29 – April 1Good Friday + Easter
4May 18 – May 20Victoria Day
5June 29 – July 1Canada Day
6August 3 – August 5Civic Holiday
7August 31 – September 2ndLabour Day
8September 28 – September 30Truth and Reconciliation Day
9October 12 – October 14Thanksgiving
10November 9 – November 11Remembrance Day
11December 25 – December 29 (excluding Dec 27)Christmas + Boxing Day

Remember to come back often for updates because these dates might change when we get official announcements.

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Activities for Canada Long Weekend

Everyone loves a three-day weekend to escape the daily routine. The best long weekends are when you can simply pack up and go, knowing your own little getaway spot awaits.

Canada has plenty of great places for a quick weekend trip, whether it’s touring Victoria’s iconic parliament buildings by the harbor, spotting whales in the Bay of Fundy, or exploring other exciting destinations.

You could also attend a local cultural event or a music festival featuring your favorite band or actor. During your extended weekend, consider inviting friends or family over for a movie night or simply relaxing at home. If you stay in, you might want to try a new hobby like knitting, cooking, painting, gardening, or sprucing up your home décor.

Significance of Canada Long Weekends

Canadians eagerly anticipate and cherish their long weekends. These breaks give them a chance to relax, get outdoors, connect with family, and explore new places. Many Canadians use this extra time to travel and discover the diverse landscapes and cultural gems Canada has to offer.

These long weekends also give a boost to Canada’s tourism economy, as both locals and visitors take advantage of the opportunity to explore the country’s attractions. For Canadians, long weekends are a time to unwind, reflect, and create lasting memories.

Thank you for reading about Canada’s Long Weekend 2024 on our website, and sticking with us till the end.

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