SSS Pension Increase 2024: Expected Pension Increase and Payment Dates in Philippines?

Here’s the latest update on the SSS Pension Increase 2024 for pensioners receiving Social Security Benefits in the Philippines. Authorities have approved an increase in the benefit amount, and we provide comprehensive details about this enhancement in our article.

SSS Pension Increase 2024

The SSS authorities oversee the disbursement of retirement pensions and other benefit plans within the organization. In the Philippines, SSS operates as a nationwide social welfare program aimed at assisting low-income households financially. The SSAN serves as a tracking tool for contributions, increments, and benefit details, supporting approximately 3.5 million retirees who rely on SSS pensions.

The Social Security Commission announced plans to increase pension amounts starting in the coming months. These adjustments are intended to enhance long-term financial stability for recipients. The full implementation of the revised structure will take effect in 2025, with incremental changes reflected in subsequent deposit schedules.

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Expected Pension Increase 2024

During the Stakeholders’ forum, SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Ronaldo Ledesema Macaset discussed the planned increment in payments with volunteer representatives from labor and management. The president emphasized that increasing SSS pensions is a challenging decision, but authorities are actively seeking sustainable income sources to implement the increment plan.

Authorities are contemplating raising retirement pension funds to P223,981.99 for the current year. The SSS pension saw a 14% increase in 2023, and this year, labor and management authorities anticipate a further increase ranging between 14.5% to 15% in essential payments. Deposits are expected to rise to P1000 and P2000.

Payment Dates Of SSS Pension Increase?

The deposits are scheduled on a monthly basis, with payments deposited on the last business day of each month. The dates for deposits are detailed in the table below:

February28th or 29th*

*If the last day of February falls on a weekend, the deposit will be scheduled for the next business day due to holidays or weekends affecting the last working day.

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Eligibility For SSS Pension Increase 2024

Several factors determine eligibility for receiving payment, including age category, annual income, and primary residential proofs. Key details are outlined below:

  • Seniors can begin claiming benefits from their 60th birthday or during the last months of their 59th year.
  • Eligible candidates must be retired and have no other sources of income to qualify for benefits.
  • The lifetime basic monthly pension for retirees is calculated based on:
    • PHP300.
    • 20% of the average monthly salary credit.
    • 2% of the AMSC credited for each year of service exceeding 10 years.
  • The minimum amount subject to calculation is determined as follows:
    • 40% of the AMCS.
    • PHP1000 if the member has less than 20 CYS (Credited Years of Service).
    • PHP2400 if the member has 20 or more CYS.
  • The mandatory retirement age in the country is 65 years. Individuals retiring at 65 receive additional support during the first year of retirement.
  • In the event of the pensioner’s death, the primary nominee will receive 100% of the BMP (Basic Monthly Pension), inclusive of the dependent pension.

These details are critical for understanding the eligibility criteria and benefits associated with retirement pensions in the country.

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How to Claim SSS Pension Increase?

Pensioners do not need to apply for the increased benefit. If they are currently receiving monthly deposits from the SSS pension plan, the enhanced amount will automatically be deposited into their accounts.

To access your Online Account:

  • Log in using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the “MY Account” options on the left dashboard.
  • Fill in your login ID and password to view your paycheck details.
  • Choose “Direct Deposit” from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the month for which you wish to withdraw the benefit.
  • Enter the routing number and proceed to claim the amount.

The PNR (Pensioner Number) is essential to receive the benefit. If you need to update your PNR number, you can do so through the main SSS portal.

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