TD GIC Rates: What are Canada TD Bank GIC Rates and Interest Rates?

In this article, you will learn about TD GIC Rates: What Canada TD Bank GIC Rates and Interest Rates Offer. TD GICs are low-risk investments offered by TD trustees, providing a secure option to grow your savings. TD invests your specified amount for a set period, ensuring you receive interest and your principal back at the end of the investment term. For further critical details on TD GIC Rates, including current rates and more, continue reading this article.

TD GIC Rates

The TD GIC, or Term Deposit Guaranteed Investment Certificate, offers various deposit plans designed to grow your savings over time. It guarantees fixed rates of return for specific investment periods.

The TD GIC Rates determine the amount your savings will accrue. These rates vary for short and long terms, as elaborated further in this article.

How to Check TD GIC Rates in Canada?

Canada is a country experiencing continuous financial growth. Credit for this can be attributed to the government, which enables banks like TD to offer Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) to its citizens.

To access TD GIC Rates in Canada, account holders need to visit the primary portal. After logging in, they should navigate to the GIC Rates section on the homepage. Detailed information will then be displayed on their screen.

What are Canada TD Bank GIC Rates?

Meanwhile, as you save for significant purchases like a down payment or other investments, TD offers additional facilities to help you achieve your goals with competitive interest rates on your savings.

TD provides five distinct investment options that offer a stress-free way to earn a good return. These five options include:

  • Market Growth GICs: These GICs are tied to the potential of the stock market, offering guaranteed interest returns according to specified terms, with no risk to your principal and no fees.
  • Special Offer GICs: Depending on the chosen term, ranging from 100 days to 3 years, these GICs offer a competitive interest rate of 5.25% per annum. A minimum investment of 500 CAD is required, ensuring a fixed rate of return ideal for short and medium-term investments.
  • Cashable GICs: Ideal for both short and long-term investments, Cashable GICs provide a guaranteed return over flexible terms ranging from thirty days to 5 years, with an annual interest rate of 3%.
  • Non-Cashable GICs: With Non-Cashable GICs, investors cannot withdraw their funds before maturity. These GICs offer a secure investment with flexible terms spanning from 30 days to 5 years, providing a yearly rate of return at 5.35%.
  • TD U.S. Dollar GICs: These GICs allow individuals to earn and invest in U.S. dollars with a return rate of 4.45% over terms ranging from 1 day to 5 years. A minimum investment of 1000 USD is required to participate in this opportunity.

As evident from the above options, individuals can choose any type that suits their needs. Tax benefits associated with these investments comply with government regulations.

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TD GIC Interest Rates

TD GIC rates vary based on specific factors, including short-term, long-term (simple interest), and long-term (compound interest).

For Short Term

TermRegistered and Non- registered
For 30 Days2.25% (only for TFSA)
For 60 Days2.50% ( for TFSA)
For 90 Days2.75 per cent
For 120 Days3 per cent
For 180 Days3.25 percent
For 270 Days3.50 per cent

The interest rates differ based on the term length in days. Specifically, for 30 and 60 days, the interest rate remains consistent at 2.50%, applicable only for TFSA accounts.

TD GIC rates for simple interest on investments for a long time

TermRegistered and Non-registered
For One year5.35 Percent
For Two years5.30 percent
For Three years5 per cent
For Four years5 per cent
For Five year5%

Long Term begins with a 1-year term plan offering a 5.25% interest rate. From years 3 to 5, the interest rate remains consistent at 5%. The two-year term plan offers the highest rate of simple interest at 5.30%.

TD GIC rates for Long Term Compound Interest

TermRegistered and Non- registered
For One year5.35 percent
For Two years5.30 percent
For Three Years5 per cent
For Four years5 per cent
For Five years5 per cent

The Compound Interest rates vary depending on the term. A 1-year plan offers a 5.35% interest rate, while for terms ranging from 3 to 5 years, the interest rate remains consistent at 5%.

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