SSI Benefits: What is SSI Payment Schedule? Will SSI get a Fourth Stimulus Check?

If you are over 65 years old or a potential beneficiary of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), this article is essential for you. It provides detailed information on SSI benefits, including the SSI payment schedule and whether there will be a fourth stimulus check for SSI recipients.

SSI Benefits

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal program funded by the Treasury and managed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). This need-based program supports individuals with limited income and resources who are unable to earn a sufficient wage.

SSI provides monthly payments to people aged 65 and older who have limited income and resources, as well as to adults and children who are disabled or blind. The amount of SSI benefits that retirees receive is determined by both federal and state laws.

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In 2023, the federal SSI benefit rates are set at $1,371 per month for a couple or civil partner, and $914 per month for an individual. For more detailed information about the SSI Benefits program, please continue reading the article to discover additional insights.

Understanding  SSI benefits

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides monthly financial benefits to disabled adults and children, as well as the elderly. In 2023, SSI payments increased due to a rise in the Consumer Price Index (COLA) from the third quarter of 2021 to the third quarter of 2022.

It’s important to note that Social Security and SSI are distinct programs with separate funding sources. SSI is specifically designed to supplement the incomes of individuals who do not qualify for Social Security or whose Social Security benefits are insufficient to meet basic living expenses.

As of July 2023, there were over 2.3 million SSI recipients aged 65 and older, representing 31% of all SSI recipients. To qualify for SSI, your monthly income must fall below a certain threshold, which is detailed later.

SSI Benefits Overview

Article TitleSSI Benefits
Complete NameSupplemental Security Income
Administered BySocial Security Administration (SSA)
Funded ByGeneral Treasury Funds
BeneficiariesElderly above 65 years and Disabled
AmountIndividuals: $914Couple: $1,371
SSA Online Portal

SSI Benefits Qualification

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a government-funded program designed to assist individuals with financial needs, ensuring support is directed to those who genuinely require it. To qualify for SSI benefits, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Age, Blindness, or Disability: You must be at least 65 years old, or you must be blind or disabled.
  2. Income and Resources: Your income must be limited, including any pensions or other sources, and you must have limited resources.
  3. Citizenship and Immigration Status: You need to be a U.S. national or citizen, or a lawfully permitted immigrant who meets additional criteria.
  4. Residency: You must reside in one of the 50 states, the Northern Mariana Islands, or the District of Columbia.
  5. Marital Status and Family Net Income: Your marital status and family net income are also taken into account.

To determine your eligibility for SSI and other related programs, you can use the SSA’s online benefits screening tool. If you believe you might qualify for SSI payments, you can call (800) 772-1213 or visit your local Social Security office to file a claim.

What is the SSI Payment Schedule?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments are generally issued on the first day of each month. However, if this date coincides with a federal holiday or falls on a weekend, the payments are postponed until the next business day. Following this delay, the regular SSI payment schedule resumes as usual in the following month. Since November 1, 2023, is a Wednesday, SSI payments will be made only on that date.

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If your check doesn’t arrive by the expected date, wait an additional three mailing days before reaching out to the SSA. If you still haven’t received it after this period, call 800-772-1213 on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Will SSI get a Fourth Stimulus Check?

The Senior Citizens League, a nonpartisan advocacy group, has urged the government to issue a one-time $1,400 stimulus check to Social Security recipients. While there was initial momentum among some lawmakers for additional stimulus checks following the first round, no decision has been made regarding further distributions.

According to unofficial reports, it is unlikely that a fourth stimulus check will be issued to Social Security recipients before the end of the year. Currently, there are no ongoing discussions about stimulus payments, so Social Security recipients should not anticipate receiving a $1,400 check.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has confirmed that stimulus payments will not affect eligibility for, or the amount of, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Given that SSI recipients generally have limited income and resources, they are expected to qualify for the full amount of any stimulus payments.

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