$300 One-time Payment to Seniors is Coming This Year? History, Payment Dates & Eligibility

Learn more about the $300 One-time Payment for Seniors scheduled for this year. This article provides a concise overview of the history, payment dates, and eligibility criteria for the $300 One-time Payment for Seniors, which specifically targets OAS beneficiaries.

$300 One-time Payment to Seniors is Coming This Year?

The Government of Canada introduced a one-time payment for seniors in 2021 as part of retroactive financial support aimed at mitigating the impacts of the pandemic. Initially set at $500 annually, the payment was adjusted to $300 in 2022 to continue supporting seniors’ financial stability. This adjustment was administered by the Employment and Social Development Team.

The $300 payment is disbursed alongside CPP and OAS benefits. Additionally, disabled individuals will receive an extra $300 as part of this one-time payment, separate from their regular monthly payments. Eligible disabled individuals will receive a total of $600. This one-time payment is funded by the CRA and is expected to be distributed by the end of the fiscal year.

$300 Payment History

The one-time payments are considered taxable benefits, and recipients will receive the necessary slip indicating the taxable amount. Seniors are required to include this slip when filing their tax returns. In addition to the $300 one-time payment, an additional $200 amount will be included as part of the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

These payments were introduced during the pandemic to assist families and individuals affected by COVID-19. The payments have been ongoing with minor adjustments over the years, and the rules governing these payments are updated based on the beneficiary’s eligibility criteria.


Article Name$300 One-time Payment to Seniors 
Authorities responsibleCanada Revenue Agency
Benefit Amount$300
Frequency of the paymentOne time Payment
Official websiteCanada.ca

One-time Payment Dates 2024

As known, the payment is issued as a one-time deposit, utilizing funds from the previous year and scheduled for distribution by the end of the current fiscal year. The Federal Government intends to provide a $300 payment in addition to the pensionable income for beneficiaries, with an extra payment from the Guaranteed Income Supplement also included, totaling $500 for eligible recipients.

The specific dates for payment distribution will be communicated by authorities at a later time. Payments will be made via direct deposit; however, those opting for a check may experience delays. Eligible recipients must file their taxes by May 2024 to receive the payment. Candidates with outstanding tax returns after May will not qualify for the benefit amount.

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$300 One-time Payment Eligibility

In this section, we aim to address beneficiaries’ inquiries regarding their eligibility criteria, focusing on both full-time and partial benefits.

For full-time eligibility:

  • The minimum age requirement for candidates is 65 years old.
  • They should have retired at the age of 65 and have been lawful permanent residents of the country for over 10 years.
  • Candidates must be receiving benefits under CPP and registered with CRA.

The criteria for partial benefits differ from those for full-time eligibility:

  • To qualify for partial OAS, candidates must have resided in the country for a minimum of 10 years after turning 18.
  • The benefit amount will be 1/4th of the full-time benefit calculation.

If eligible, beneficiaries will receive notification from authorities prior to disbursement. It is advised to monitor updates through “MY CRA Account” for the latest information on OAS.

Access to the account requires basic technical knowledge or assistance from someone familiar with technology. Support may also be sought from bank managers or officials for assistance in navigating the portal.

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