Gaji Penjawat Awam 2024: Civil Servant Salary Increase and News Updates in Malaysia

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Gaji Penjawat Awam 2024: Civil Servant Salary Increase and News Updates in Malaysia. Gaji Penjawat Awam refers to the compensation paid to government employees, encompassing basic salaries based on their grades and experience, along with various allowances such as housing, transportation, and cost of living adjustments. In 2024, Malaysian civil servants are set to receive a significant salary increase of more than 13%, marking a record high. This raise aims to enhance morale and productivity across the civil service sector. Explore this article further for detailed insights into Gaji Penjawat Awam 2024, including the latest updates and more.

Gaji Penjawat Awam 2024

The Gaji Penjawat Awam, or Malaysian Civil Servant Salary, comprises a comprehensive compensation package for government employees in Malaysia. It includes various components designed to attract and motivate a skilled workforce in the public sector.

The salary structure for public servants in Malaysia follows the Sistem Saraan Malaysia, where employees are classified into various grades and scales. Each grade and scale corresponds to a specific salary range determined by factors such as basic salary, allowances, and bonuses, which vary based on grade level and years of service.

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Civil Servant Salary Increase

The government is committed to raising the minimum total income for civil servants to more than RM2,000 per month, up from the current RM1,795. The Gaji Penjawat Awam initiative suggests that future salary increments could be linked to performance and reforms in the civil service.

In 2024, civil servants will experience a salary increase of 13%. This raise aims to enhance their purchasing power, potentially drawing more qualified candidates to government positions, and fostering higher morale and productivity within the civil service.

Gaji Penjawat Awam Schedule 2024

The Malaysian Civil Service salary structure is organized into 59 grades, categorized into four main groups:

  • Support Group (Grades G1-G19)
  • Operative Group (Grades G20-G39)
  • Professional Group (Grades G40-G47)
  • Managerial Group (Grades G48-G59)
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These groups determine the salary compensation for civil servants. For the remainder of 2024, the Gaji Penjawat Awam schedule is as follows:

July19 July, 2024, Friday
August23 August 2024, Friday
September25 September, Wednesday
October24 October, Thursday
November25 November, Monday
December19 December, Thursday

On these specified dates, civil servants will receive their Gaji Penjawat Awam payments. These schedules enable individuals to effectively plan and manage their expenses.

Who Gets Gaji Penjawat Awam?

Malaysian civil servants are citizens of Malaysia and are permanent employees directly employed by the Malaysian civil service, eligible for increased compensation.

To benefit from the Civil Servant Salary Increase, individuals must apply for open positions and undergo the recruitment process. This typically includes submitting an application with necessary documents, passing qualifying examinations, and attending interviews.

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News Updates in Malaysia

The Malaysian civil servant salary will increase by over 13%, effective from December 1, 2024, marking the largest raise in the history of civil service salaries in Malaysia. The government aims to ensure that the minimum total income, including salary and allowances, exceeds RM2,000 per month.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim emphasized that future salary adjustments may be contingent upon the performance and success of civil service reforms. The Gaji Penjawat Awam initiative aims to address rising living costs, enhance the attractiveness of public sector careers, and boost employee morale and productivity.

While the recent salary hike is substantial, future adjustments may hinge on performance and ongoing reforms within the civil service. This underscores that automatic increases are not assured and will be based on individual and collective performance. The government’s objective with this increase is to ensure secure and fulfilling livelihoods for all civil servants.

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